Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of our business. Our mission is to be recognised by our customers and staff alike as their first choice recruitment agency. We aim to:

√ Ensure we fully meet our customers’ requirements
√ Provide our services in a manner that respects society, the law and the environment
√ Provide a service that our customers value

Quality Policy

Peter Knight, Managing Director of Knight’s Recruitment, has implemented the quality policy and is responsible for ensuring the above mission statements are met and improved upon whenever possible. This policy will be constantly updated and reviewed throughout the year or at least quarterly. Knight’s Recruitment is also a member of The Recruitment & Employment Confederation that ensures we follow The Code of Good Practice for Employment Agencies. The REC can check we comply with the code ethically, professionally and to the highest standards possible.

Quality Initiative

To demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality, our Quality Initiative is designed to monitor and continually improve our service. We ask our clients and candidates to complete our quality documents, which helps us to understand their requirements, to ensure speed of service and accuracy in matching candidates to jobs, to promote efficiency and to ensure overall satisfaction with our service. Candidates’ information is equally important as this enables us to monitor morale and perceptions, which in turn helps us to retain quality staff. Understanding our clients’ needs is key to our operation along with providing tangible proof of our services in simple and clear documentation. All of our temporary staff are referenced before taking up assignments, all interviews are carried out face-to-face, tests are given to all candidates and the recruitment process is comprehensively documented. We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure all parties understand our business. Our suppliers are loyal to us and in most cases they are clients as well. In this way, we can ensure that information and terms are prompt and reasonable. Our accounting methods are on modern software packages and include direct payments to temporaries and suppliers for a fast and efficient process. Our bankers are regularly kept up to date, including an invoice discounting service to ensure payments are met, which allows us to expand at a moment’s notice.


As our industry changes with the economy, the need to constantly improve quality of service is vital and neverending in order that we remain competitive within a very dynamic industry.

About Us


Knight's Recruitment has been one of the most popular and experienced employment agencies in Leicester over the last few years. The key to building a strong market position are our skilled and trained consultants, who have vast experience in all aspects of the recruitment process. We know how extremely important it is that our expert consultants, who work with you, comprehend your business and understand all of your expectations and needs.

Address: 59 Belgrave Gate, Leicester, LE1 3HR
Phone: 01162516356
Email: admin@knightsrecruit.co.uk